Windows 8 is Here!

WIndows 8 is here folks, and its fully ready for users to buy it from Microsoft, you can now be the proud owner of your very own Windows 8 Pro operating system. The starting price is a limited time offer from Microsoft and is going at a $39.99 selling price for the download, and a $69.99 price for the actual software box shipment to be delivered to your doorstep.

It features the brand new Metro Style UI interface, and its very appealing visually, however it takes some time to get use to it all, and so we are doing folks a favor by providing the tutorial guides here to help anyone learn how to utilize their new Win 8 if they so chose to make the purchase. Below is the first of many guides through it all, and there’s loads more to come, show casing hints, tips, and tricks to make the Windows 8 user experience become a welcoming experience an complete transition from using the older operating systems.

Looking to get the upgrade follow link here: Microsoft WIndows 8 Pro official upgrade


Robots that fly and cooperate autonomously

This is a cool TED talks about flying robots that actually can communicate with one another to assist people in many area’s in life, in industries and with amazing accuracy.

Vijay Kumar who is a roboticist at the University of Pennsylvania, tells his story about these powerfully new robots he and a group of other robotic engineers have created and implemented the dedicated research towards, (from 1998-2004) which eventually lead to the full application of these cool multi-robot’s that communicate with one another autonomously.

This is definitely a break through in the robotics sciences, and for the robotic industry overall, and hopefully they can get these bad boys up to speed enough to make real world change when it comes to manufacturing, and potentially civilian everyday usage. Its pretty much a sure thing that the new technology will be gathered up by the Military intelligence agencies and used for further research and potential weapon systems redesigns and applications, but lets hope that isn’t the case unless its absolutely necessary.

They can be used to lift objects if they are used in greater numbers, and it is showing based on the video up above that this new age technology will make a huge difference in the movement of cargo, and potentially help in building anything that requires repetitive motion lifting, which can help in most industrial area applications.

Google Drive Has Arrived!


Google has released to the public their awesome new online storage location known as Google Drive. Its accessible from a gmail account location as well as externally on the web as well, and it is capable of storing up to 16 terabytes of user inputted data, files, images, videos, music, and so much more.

Each user has the option to select the free version or the paid versions of Google Drive, which starts at 5 gigabytes for the free version, and the lowest paid version is $2.50 usd per month. This has been a huge move by Google to out beat the competition in cloud computing online storage, with top competitors like Dropbox, and Microsoft’s Windows Live Skydrive. The 16 terabytes is being sold at $49.99 per month for those users looking for maximum storage, potentially making Google the new leader in online storage of digital content.

Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 years, 4 minutes – Awesome! Video

Global change and shifts of economics is real, a study of our worldly patterns by a very bright individual, shared and submitted to us by yours truly Bill Gates, from his network called The Gates Notes. It’s a year old but still worth posting, because I’m sure not everyone has ran into this awesome video. Enjoy!

Vizio – Partnership and Collaboration

Vizio has some quite amazing, technology emerging onto the scene’s today. Their laptops, desktops, tablets and all are pretty looking, and all appear to have some astounding audio/video display’s, as well as sleek hardware designs.

This becoming ever so possible as well due to the awesome partnerships, and collaborations they have managed to group up, teaming up with the likes of Microsoft, and many others.  Just listen to, Nick Parker Vice President of OEM Marketing at Microsoft, &  Scott McManigal Vice President & Senior Director of Design, at Vizio, as they tell the tale for the all new Vizio Entertainment Ecosystem.